KA3: Active Citizenship

The project is aimed to prepare the next generation of young Europeans to be a force to be reckoned with in the political landscapes of Europe. The project includes 5 different organizations from European countries with a common vision: to support and empower young people to shape our societies by working towards maintaining and enhancing our common values.

Bringing youth from all corners of Europe together will result in a unique dynamic, as the participating countries have very different political landscapes. The young people can challenge each other and indirectly impart knowledge of policies and best practices that can later be multiplied. Read more about the project in here:

The Danish Participants:

Javier Esteves

The New Tenders:
The main motivation behind this project is to treat it as a trigger for new ways of using
cultural environments to solve social issues and incubate new social value in a community. I firmly believe that outbreaks like Covid-19 have made the need for strong cultural
ecosystems more evident, thus allowing new possibilities to take shape for them if spotted and addressed.
Lina Staškevičiūtė

Foodsharing Aarhus:
Foodsharing Aarhus aims at forming a voluntary organization that collects fresh surplus products from various supermarkets and the like and distributes them weekly to everyone
unconditionally. In doing so, we mobilize people for action, reduce food surplus and raise awareness about food wastage.
Jonatan Nordentoft

Open the Kimono:
Is an experimental project based on gathering active young people, that do arts and culture in Aarhus. These gatherings will have a workshop framework around common concerns and potential possibilities in the cultural field of Aarhus. Kickstarting a platform in the future for active young people when delivering cultural projects.
Capucine Chandon

Biophilia Aarhus: Biophilia is a community of people gathering in nature. We meet in a natural environment around Aarhus, sit around a fire and have a nice time. The main idea is to create a community and explore together ways of living that are sustainable and respectful of all life
forms on Earth.
Shubhdeep Parwana

At the Soulitate Chaibar:
To create a place for meetings, conversations, art and culture created mainly by young people who challenge and inspire by focusing on societal structural issues. Focus on global issues such as gender inequality by starting at a local level. One desire is especially
to expose culture and art created by young minorities, as these are under-represented and
often stereotyped in the Danish media landscape.