About us


EUCMC assists and helps kids, youngsters, and adults to tell their stories. Education is key to citizenship and democracy in Denmark and Europe.

We train kids and their teachers in the school to do media by creating media training at a professional level and establishing facilities locally.

As a public access broadcaster, we involve and train local and European youth workers and volunteers in media production and broadcast building competences for further education and employability.

EUCMC enhances community involvement by introducing audiences to new voices and ideas on stage, screen, and over the air. We include citizens of all ages and ethnicities in our training and practice.

Connect, learn, create, and share:

We promote citizenship and democracy by helping our community connect, learn, create, and share.

We aim to develop and empower European dialogue and collaboration and hence contribute to strengthening European identity and diversity.

Among our latest projects are ‘Gendertalks’ in Macedonia about gender and equality in the Balkans, ‘Message in a Bottle’ in Denmark about learnings methods, and ‘Competence Promotion in School’ in Germany about strategies for inclusion and media, all with European partners.

Coming up is new projects for local schools, a creative partnership with European Culture Capital 2018 in Valetta and Leeuwarden, and a learning project about inclusion and acceptance of autistic children in society.

Finally, EUCMC broadcast radio in Aarhus and television in East Jutland and has recently started streaming web-tv on the internet.